GamePlan for Change – Purpose

Why did you get out of bed this morning? Is it because you HAVE to or because you WANTED to..? If it’s the first, change the reason why you feel that way, if it’s the second one, please share why through @barthufen #purpose or just read on.

In order to create enough energy upfront to start transforming your organization it is good to stand still, think and talk. The first step in any transition is to consider the following, what makes us tick, which ambitions, drives and motivations do we have that make us do what we do, every day over and over again. This may change over time and could be different for each member of your family, team or organization. It all comes down to asking: what do you WANT..? An easy and (most of the time) fun way to get an insight in people’s purpose is to ask everyone to write down their purpose on a piece of paper. The only rule is: you cannot use more than 140 signs (one tweet) and it should be clear for everyone by just reading it. As soon as everyone is finished, try to build a pyramid of all these purposes and see how they interconnect. Some may not connect at all and stand out. That’s all fine, just be aware that you might not find your purpose within this organization… Purpose is what drives us beyond money, power, or even appreciation. An artist is driven by creating art that feels right, or to get a message across. A police(wo)man strives for a fair world where we all follow the rules, or at least don’t harm others while sharing this world. So what’s your purpose?

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[Bart Hufen]