Trouble transforming your team into dedicated ambassadors of your change strategy? The secret key to motivation is: participation! Did you know our GameStorm method solves problems? And not only that – it generates actionable ideas that lead to great achievements, executed by the very same professionals that worked on them! How much more engagement do you need than moving people in directions they feel is the right way? But don’t take our word for it! Check out the quotes of clients that used the GameStorm to kickstart their business plan for change below!

Check out how we helped 120 managers to transform their organization into a culture of collaboration!

We can help you to solve any problem, for instance:

  • Increase store traffic or conversion
  • Improve collaboration between business units or departments
  • Create a prioritized backlog for the next fiscal quarter or year
  • Embed ‘improvement’ as a standard process in our organization

In 2015, the largest sports retail chain in Europe used the GameStorm method to increase their conversion rate in their  stores. They started with 40 District Managers. They were so excited about the method and results that they decided to let all 860 store managers participate during the regional fall meeting. The following year they had a historical record sales (the highest year to date).

In 2018, Südzucker gruppe (see video) used the GameStorm method to define how the organization should change in order to become more efficient as a global player in a structurally declining sugar market. In total 120 managers played the game. 

In 2014, KLM Digital studio used the GameStorm method to determine how they could increase the agility of their company through digital transformation. It was a large multi-disciplinairy team of 40 professionals from various departments and layers of the organization.

Many more examples available on request. Let us know your challenge!