Gamification Workshop

We organize Gamification Workshops online, in-company or during events. Check out the video for our ’two-day’ format including prototype development, certification and a one-year license to all the gamification academy materials.

During the workshops we use the proven ‘Gamification Canvas’ as leading tool for prototype development. This canvas has been developed by gamification guru and founder of BrandNewGame Bart Hufen. He taught this tool at the University of Amsterdam.

You will learn each aspect of serious game design and gamification and will learn how to apply game mechanics for any goal you might have. For instance: increase traffic to your (online) sales point, bring brand values to life, explain business principles or increase conversion. The program may vary, but topics during the days are generally:

  • Objective: define the essential goals, obstacles and desired behavioral change using the GameStorm methodology.
  • Player profile, which drives and motivations does the target audience have
  • Game Mechanics: which mechanics match player motivation
  • Shape: which visual style should be used to get players onboard?
  • Structure: which back-end should the game or gamification system have? We will show you how to build up your own Excel format as a Game Design Document
  • Where and When will people interact with the game?
  • Which UI makes most sense to achieve the desired goal within the context and what does it mean for the User Experience? Learn from the mistakes Atari made!

Buy your tickets through  Eventbrite or send an email to b a r t @